Investor Relations

The PORR Investor Relations team strives for comprehensive and long-term relationships with its stakeholders. The focus is on prompt, transparent communication and open dialogue. Stakeholders include private and institutional investors and analysts as well as cross-industry interest groups, banks, the media and ESG rating agencies.

Together with the Executive Board, the PORR Investor Relations team participated in numerous national and international capital market conferences in 2023. PORR also hosted several roundtables for institutional investors. In over 60 physical and virtual meetings, PORR met around 110 investors. PORR also organised conference calls for analysts, investors and banks as part of its quarterly reporting. At the annual results press conference in March, the Executive Board team was available for questions from the press about the results of the past year. The 2023 Annual General Meeting was held in person again for the first time since the pandemic and attracted numerous private and institutional investors. Interested parties were also able to talk in person with the Executive Board and the Investor Relations team at the GEWINN trade fair in October.

The discussions focused on international geopolitical developments, whereby current strategic measures and PORR’s financing structure were explained. In the second half of the year, PORR’s future margin performance also took centre stage.

All relevant information such as the latest financial reports, presentations, factsheets and the financial calendar can be accessed at any time at The website also provides daily updates on the share price as well as information and contact details for broker coverage. Details on the outstanding bonds, corporate governance and other corporate actions are also available there. All documents relating to the Annual General Meeting and frequently asked questions can be found in this section as well.

Any interested stakeholders are invited to register for the PORR newsletter on results publications and press releases at Questions and concerns can be submitted by telephone or email to the PORR Investor Relations team at any time.

Key data regarding shares20232022
Price as of 31 DecemberEUR12.7011.76
Market capitalisation as of 31 DecemberEUR m498.8461.9
Year highEUR14.8014.00
Year lowEUR11.009.00
Earnings per shareEUR2.211.65
Dividends per shareEUR0.750.60
Dividend yield5.9%5.1%
Payout ratio33.9%36.4%
Price-earnings ratio5.77.1
Number of shares in issue as of 31 DecemberNo.39,278,25039,278,250

Dividend policy

The Executive Board and Supervisory Board of PORR will propose a dividend of EUR 0.75 for the 2023 reporting year at the Annual General Meeting. The dividend yield is thereby 5.9% and the payout ratio is 33.9%.

PORR is consistently adhering to its dividend policy, which provides for a payout ratio of 30% to 50%. The payout ratio is defined as the ratio between dividends per share and earnings per share.

International Shareholder Structure

International Shareholder Structure (in %)

as of March 2024

The syndicate (Strauss Group, IGO Industries Group) holds the majority of the shares outstanding, with 50.4%. According to the survey conducted in January 2024, the free float of 49.6% was primarily distributed across Austria (24.7%), the USA (12.4%) and Germany (6.5%). Around 8.3% of investors came from the rest of Europe. Retail investors recently accounted for 33.8%. Around 13.4% of the shares in free float are not directly assignable.

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