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To build
a better world.

We believe in a better world, a home facilitated by sustainable buildings. Those who build change the world. For more than 150 years, standing at the forefront of the construction industry with new technologies has been in our DNA.

Our goal is to shape the environment sustainably while driving innovation and growth. And with it create a world worth living in for everyone – today and tomorrow.

This allows us to offer holistic construction solutions from a single source – from design to construction to ­operations, in building construction, civil engineering and infrastructure.

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“PORR is just finishing an extremely successful 2023.

It has been a very interesting but also very challenging year. Our strategy – Intelligent Growth with Green and Lean – is exactly right. We will continue to focus increasingly on our home markets. There, we experience a spirit of optimism everywhere we go and we feel a passion for our PORR. This also gives us a lot of strength, confidence, and motivation. Our challenge now is to remain the best.“


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Intelligent Growth with Green and Lean

PORR continues to focus on intelligent growth. This strategy has been supplemented by Green and Lean to help shape the future of construction sustainably. The aim is to be the market leader for resource-conscious, circular construction. Partnership-based concepts and lean structures and processes are key factors for future collaboration and profitability.

Forecast Report

PORR on track to success

The global economy continues to be under pressure. Key uncertainties remain, such as the persistently high level of interest rates, the resulting slowdown in consumer spending, and geopolitical risks in connection with the wars in Ukraine and the Middle East. The four Ds continue to shape the long-term trends in the European construction industry. Demographic change, with increasing urbanisation, an ageing society, and an acute shortage of labour, is both an opportunity and a challenge. Deglobalisation is leading to the regionalisation of supply chains to ensure sustainable resilience. The construction industry has a major responsibility in decarbonisation in two respects. Digitalisation has long since determined the way we build.

Based on an order backlog of EUR 8.5bn (+3.0% against the previous year), the Executive Board expects a moderate increase in output for 2024. At the same time, it expects a rise in EBIT. In the medium term, the Executive Board anticipates an increase in the EBT margin and an EBIT margin of 3.0%.